Hi, my name is Alberto. 

I spent a decade in the ad agency ecosystem; Supporting creatives and producers edit their TV ads and distribute them to cable and networks. I was shocked by the immense expense of time and money in advertising to deliver customers.

Robert McKee author of "Storynomics" explores the marketing crisis-- where ad-free options thrive such as Netflix. Per Mr. McKee, many CMO's today condemn ad agencies for wasting time and money for producing super bold creative vs. market effective campaigns.

I've pursued this niche of both story-marketing and online sales funnels because of one simple realization:

Capturing and holding customers attention is a real asset.


Especially in a post-advertising noisy world.

A Realization Sparks a Direction

I graduated in 2004 earning a BFA in Motion Picture/TV with an emphasis in screenwriting and visual communications.

This sparked my passion in the Hero's Journey, where the hero is the buyer or prospect.

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Teamwork. Leverage each others strength!

Ownership. Think like an owner and dare to try!

Humor. I take what I do seriously, but not take myself too seriously.

Passion. Always looking to build something great!

Respect. Show consideration for each other and recognize the power of diversity!

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Enough about me, choose case:

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